It’s great to have a website with standout visuals. But if people can’t find your website using the major search engines, then it becomes very difficult to enjoy the long-term benefits of a website that is a tangible asset. That’s why quality, lasting SEO is so important.


The SEO landscape has grown more challenging and more costly in recent years as search engines stress quality results that visitors engage with and share with others. It’s flushed out many other firms, but SEO still provides more dramatic return on investment than any other method of promotion.

SEO shouldn’t be the sole focus of an online marketing strategy – search engines are mercurial even if you play by the rules. In the same way that a smart investor diversifies his risk, a smart business owner should diversify his marketing efforts.


We make service decisions on a case by case basis. Quality work takes manpower, and our case load varies on a month by month basis. While we’d love to help everyone that contacts us, we sometimes have to balance doing the most possible good versus the size of the project. It’s one of our least favorite parts of these projects, and we try to do it as little as possible!


With that said, SEO should be your focus for long term growth and sustained profits. Search engines have amazing numbers for traffic, and being at the top of the SERPs confers instant credibility onto your site. This traffic converts so well because potential customers have already gained so many solutions from search engines in the past – so they treat the top results like a recommendation from a trusted friend.

And unlike expensive solutions like PPC or CPA, SEO is a permanent, predictable source of income. The results take longer to implement, but it can be managed and improved over time. That means better traffic, stronger brand recognition, and more visibility. Best of all, a high ranking site can get higher rankings for related keywords they haven’t even targeted!


According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, 75% of search engine visitors don’t look beyond the first page for worthwhile results. That means there 10 results will get 75% of traffic, and 3 results – the top ranking sites – will win the lion’s share of traffic and profit. Therefore, if your business depends on a high ranking in a competitive niche, who you work with matters. The Massive Splash network is a high powered infrastructure that helps client sites get noticed and get promoted.